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What is the connection mode of lifting belt and hook

Source:Jiangsu Hongli Rope Net Belt Rigging Co., Ltd.Release date:2020-05-08 10:12
1. The connection mode of the flat sling and the hook can well promote the two to play their arrogant role. This connection mode does not have too much technical content. It is very simple. It only needs to pay attention to how many tons of goods or double rings are available. The disadvantage is that it can only connect the same tonnage, in which the national standard coefficient of the belt is 6 times, and the hook and ring are generally deformed twice and broken four times, so there is no responsibility What conflicts;
2. When the belt is connected with the hook, the only way to save cost is to remove the connecting tool, and then connect the vertical sling with the sling. Note that the diameter of the hook eye is larger than the diameter of the flat sling. Therefore, if you want the flat sling to play the largest role, the diameter of the hook eye is very important. If the diameter is smaller than the belt, the belt will be cut off.
3. In this method, the sling only needs to pass through the hook, and then place the starting point under the hook, so that there will be no inclination in the process of goods.

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