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What are the characteristics of safety rope and its applicat

Source:Jiangsu Hongli Rope Net Belt Rigging Co., Ltd.Release date:2020-05-08 09:15
To ensure the safety of construction personnel, the safety rope must be hard enough, wear-resistant, durable, mould proof, acid-base proof and easy to operate. Before each use of the safety rope, a visual inspection must be carried out. In addition, an experiment must be carried out half a year in normal time, and the damaged rope shall be replaced immediately to ensure the operation safety.
Before using the safety rope, it must be checked. If there is any damage, it must be stopped immediately. When wearing the safety rope, the movable buckle must be fastened. Due to the special material, the safety rope should be properly kept during daily placement, and it cannot contact with open fire and chemicals. Clean with warm or soapy water and dry in the shade.
After more than one year of use, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and take some samples for tensile test, with no damage or major deformation as the qualified standard.
As an important protective measure for high-altitude workers, the safety rope must ensure the following characteristics:
1. It must have enough strength to withstand the impact of human falling;
2. The rope body of the safety rope should not be too long, and there should be a certain limit. If the rope body is too long, it will lead to high-altitude falling, and the impact force on the human body is too large, resulting in damage to the dirty body;
The assessment of safety rope mainly includes two indexes, one is tensile strength, the other is impact strength. The national standard requires that the tensile strength of the safety rope must be greater than the longitudinal tensile force generated by the weight of the human body towards the falling direction. In terms of impact strength, the safety rope and accessories shall have sufficient impact strength to avoid excessive impact force caused by falling of human body, damage of rope body and secondary injury. The impact force increases with the distance.