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Steps for taking the flexible sling

Source:Jiangsu Hongli Rope Net Belt Rigging Co., Ltd.Release date:2018-11-29 16:20
1. Carefully inspect the straps before each use to ensure that the specifications are met. Unconfirmed or defective will be discontinued. Must be sent to competent competent personnel for inspection, not for self-repair, and should always follow the supplier's recommendations.
2. The flexible sling must be inspected before each use. Check whether the surface of the sling is horizontal, scratched or cut from the direction, and whether the edge, soft ring and end piece are damaged. Confirm that the sling is good before lifting. The correct method factor must be used and cannot be overloaded.
3, the surface of the lifting workpiece should be smooth, no sharp corners, burrs and edges, apricot should use the special sheath and corner protector. When directly suspended by a soft ring, the diameter of the support member does not exceed 1/3 of the inner length of the soft ring. If the bandwidth is greater than 75 mm, the suspension should not be directly connected with the shackle. If the bandwidth is less than 75 mm, The soft ring can be directly connected to the hook and loop suspension, but the radius of curvature of the hook ring must not be less than 0.75 of the bandwidth.
4. Do not concentrate on the use of bolting and lifting methods without protection. Do not connect the soft ring to any device that may cause damage to it. The lifting device attached to the soft ring should be smooth and free of any sharp edges. Its size and shape should not tear the seam or overload the belt.
5. When moving the sling and cargo, the sling is not allowed to be towed anywhere, so as not to damage the sling surface. It must not be lifted in the state of knotting or twisting during loading. It is forbidden to hang the cargo for a long time. Avoid impact or vibration loads.
6. When the cargo stays on the sling, the sling should not be pulled out from the loaded state to avoid damage to the sling. The sling should be prevented from being caught by other objects or subjected to other impact loads during lifting. The angle of opening the sling soft ring of the lifting article shall not exceed 200. The loading condition must not be changed during the lifting process. If several slings are used at the same time, spread them on each sling as much as possible. It is forbidden to connect or lengthen the sling by knotting.
7. Flexible slings should avoid contact with chemicals such as acid and alkali during use, and avoid use in places with high temperature and sparks. If the sling is dirty or used in an acid or alkali environment, rinse it off immediately with cold water. Polyamide has the function of resisting inorganic acid, but it is easy to be damaged by organic acid; polypropylene is suitable for the most resistant place; nylon has the ability to resist acid acid, is vulnerable to organic acid, and loses strength when wet. Up to 15%.
8. It should be hung and stored after use, and it should not be placed near open flames, open fires or other heat sources. Do not leave in the hot sun for a long time. After using it every day, the oil on the sling should be wiped clean with water and placed on a special storage rack.

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