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Advantages of flat slings

Source:Jiangsu Hongli Rope Net Belt Rigging Co., Ltd.Release date:2018-11-29 16:19
1. The flat sling is light in weight, easy to use, and has a wide bearing surface, which can reduce the pressure on the surface load.
2, does not hurt the surface of the suspended object
3, the lifting is stable and safe
4, strong high, bright colors
5. Improve labor efficiency and save costs
6, good corrosion resistance, wear resistance
7, flat slings are widely used: for port terminals, chemical, steel, machinery, installation and other industrial fields
8. The superior performance of the flat sling: it can provide a wide and smooth bearing surface, which is especially suitable when lifting objects with soft surfaces. If necessary, it can be used with a wider protective cover for the sling. Because there is no metal contact, the damage to the smoothed and painted surface of the hoisted object is extremely slight.