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How to use a flexible sling

Source:Jiangsu Hongli Rope Net Belt Rigging Co., Ltd.Release date:2018-11-29 16:19
The flexible sling is light in weight and has a weight of only 20% compared to a chain of the same load. Therefore, even if it falls at a high altitude, it will not cause personal injury. Similarly, when it is shaken on the hook of the crane, it will not cause head damage to the hoisting workers like a traditional spreader. The sling does not create a spark in an explosive or hazardous environment.
The maintenance of flexible slings is very easy. Damage caused by impact is a common hazard in hoisting operations. The flexible sling is only flattened under strong impact, so the risk is O. If the sling is severely damaged, the outer envelope will first be damaged and the core carrier core will be exposed to indicate that the sling has been damaged.